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Use Your Own Cells To Heal Your Body

Elite Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy uses your body’s own cells to help heal a number of conditions. Stem cells are progressively being used to regenerate and repair bodily tissues damaged due to age or injury.

Great for Chronic, Painful Orthopaedic Problems

Chronic, painful orthopaedic problems in the knees or shoulders that haven’t improved with conservative, non-surgical treatments such as physical therapy are often candidates for regenerative stem cell therapy.

Get Fast Results Without The Need for Surgery

Without the need for surgery, and after a short period of rest, many patients are able to regain flexible, pain-free movement, and patients who hope to regain their athletic prowess are often thrilled with the results.

“Elite’s treatments are extremely helpful and have done wonders for my bodies pain. I’d recommend Elite to any and all with joint, back or other pains.”

Jessica Bowen – Aspen, CO


About Our Clinic

The Elite Regenerative Stem Cell Institute located in Johnstown Colorado is the only institute in the United States founded and operated by a dual board-certified, fellowship trained orthopedic and spine surgeon. We are the only regenerative clinic in the U.S. utilizing patent pending stem cell methods and techniques which improve the quality, quantity, and regenerative capacity of your stem cells to treat orthopedic injuries. Elite’s regenerative techniques were first established in Fort Collins and Loveland Colorado and has been offering service in northern colorado for 25 years.