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Use Your Own Cells To Heal Your Body

Elite Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy uses your body’s own cells to help heal a number of conditions. Stem cells are progressively being used to regenerate and repair bodily tissues damaged due to age or injury.

Great for Chronic, Painful Orthopaedic Problems

Chronic, painful orthopaedic problems in the knees or shoulders that haven’t improved with conservative, non-surgical treatments such as physical therapy are often candidates for regenerative stem cell therapy.

Get Fast Results Without The Need for Surgery

Without the need for surgery, and after a short period of rest, many patients are able to regain flexible, pain-free movement, and patients who hope to regain their athletic prowess are often thrilled with the results.

I had stem cell therapy done with Dr. Donner and his incredible team in January. Lucas Koldewyn was the first person I met and he was absolutely incredible. He gave me all the information I needed to feel totally confident in getting this done. He answered all my questions and was so generous with his time and energy. Once I met Dr. Donner, I knew that I was fully confident putting all my trust in them. The day of my procedure, I was so comforted by the incredible treatment room. It felt more like a place I would want to go vacation, than a place where I would be getting stem cell. They explained the entire process and made it so comfortable for me. I went into the procedure totally confident in this team and in my decision to get it done. I have had continuous support from the entire team since my procedure. They truly care about our experience, and about the success of the treatment. I recommend Colorado Spine institute wholeheartedly. This is the team you want looking after you! Thank you everyone for taking such great care of me. I am eternally grateful!!

-Siri Lindley – 2001 ITU Triathlon World Champion




I thought I would let you know how my stem cell treatment of January 2018 went.  I came in because I had a torn rotator cuff and was told I needed a whole new shoulder.  The Ortho. Doc told me he didn’t think he could hook up the new shoulder because the tendons had atrophied since I didn’t get it fixed right after I tore it plus, he had already repaired it one time before.  Dr. Donner talked about putting my own stem cells in until he looked at my x-rays.  He said, “Your shoulder is in bad shape.”  He ended up putting my own cells in the front and back of my shoulder where it was tender. 

Before the stem cell I was unable to reach up and wash my hair with my left arm, or sleep on my left side, or do a lot of daily activities.  I was unable to reach out to pull my car door shut or reach into a drive-up window.  Now thanks to stem cell injections, I am able to do all of the above, I still have some discomforts at times but not in the severe pain as I did before. 

I also received infusion as I was hoping stem cell would help with my crohns which I have had for the last 22 years.  I had a flare up with my stomach in April and had to have a colonoscopy in May.  The Gastro Doc told me he saw no evidence of crohns.  I told him about the stem cell infusions and ask if maybe it helped to get rid of my crohns but he denied that.  I truly believe it helped and I also know you don’t get rid of crohns.  I now have a different diagnosis of (spelling) lymphocytic colitis.  I would like to come get a booster as I think it will help. 

Also, on another positive note, I had to have my pacemaker repositioned.  The incision later became red and inflamed and didn’t appear to heal.  I was cautioned to keep an eye on it.  It was still red and inflamed when I had my stem cell infusion in 2018.  Three weeks after stem cell the incision became pink and normal looking.  As far as I am concerned the stem cell infusion healed my incision. 

I am sorry this letter is long but the benefits that I have received from stem cells has been wonderful and I would recommend it to anyone as I have done already many times. 

Sincerely yours, 


Sheridan Wyoming 

Health and wellness are a top priority for me. Being injured is not an option in my profession but thanks to regenerative stem cell treatment my knee and back feel strong and am now able to train pain-free. I highly recommend the team at Elite if you’re looking at a solution for body pain.

-Brandon Girtz, Bellator Professional MMA

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About Our Clinic

The Elite Regenerative Stem Cell Institute located in Johnstown Colorado is the only institute in the United States founded and operated by a dual board-certified, fellowship trained orthopedic and spine surgeon. We are the only regenerative clinic in the U.S. utilizing patent pending stem cell methods and techniques which improve the quality, quantity, and regenerative capacity of your stem cells to treat orthopedic injuries. Elite’s regenerative techniques were first established in Fort Collins and Loveland Colorado and has been offering service in northern colorado for 25 years.