Why Us?

Why should you choose Elite Regenerative Stem Cell Specialists?

Why Us

The Elite Regenerative Stem Cell Specialists are the first regenerative stem cell clinics in the United States to be founded by orthopedic surgeons. Elite was involved in the first biological FDA Phase One study performed in the United States by injecting intervertebral discs with biologics. Due to the unexpected success of treating patients with biologics, patients who had come to us for surgery, instead decided to receive the biologic treatment and avoided surgery. We have ever since been motivated to find biologic treatments using autologous cells (adult stem cells) that have had no FDA issues.

Through extensive research and developing a state of the art facility, we began utilizing bone marrow derived concentrated cells with or that contained the mesenchymal stem cell. We began the research and outcome studies necessary to show safety and efficacy of treating chronic neck and back pain with bone marrow derived cells, opening the door for treating joint osteoarthritis and other degenerative conditions. We are the first and only regenerative stem cell clinic in the United States founded by dual board certified, fellowship trained spine surgeons. We are the only clinic in the United States that utilizes a method patent, issued for our unique research based treatment of bone marrow concentrate. No other clinic has outcome data based strictly on the utilization of this unique method that has been patented. We are the first clinic in the United States that a dual board certified, fellowship trained orthopedic surgeon utilized IV infusion therapy.