Lucanus (Luc) Koldewyn, B.S., EMT-IV, 

Assistant Director / Project Manager / Stem Cell Specialist

Luc Koldewyn graduated with a bachelors in biology from Colorado State University in 2009. He began his medical career as an assistant to Dr. E. Jeffrey Donner in 2009 with Rocky Mountain Associates in Orthopedic Medicine (RMA). Through his experience with RMA, he gained knowledge assisting several physicians in spine treatment, orthopedic treatments, interventional pain, manual manipulation, and regenerative medicine. Continuing education Luc was involved as an EMT, assisting in procedures and became more involved in the OR for spine procedures where he was a medical hardware representative. 

Luc and Dr. Donner began development of the stem cell program in 2015 where they took their combined knowledge to develop the Elite Regenerative Stem Cell Specialists. Luc has been the program coordinator and assistant director, continuing the advancement of the business and science. Luc is active in the onsite medical laboratory, developing medical devices, and continued research in the field of regenerative medicine. 

Luc has a personal connection with bio-cellular treatment. In 2011 he acquired an injury to his lower back while harvesting hay. The MRI indicated a 6mm herniation and degenerative disc disease. After conservative treatment failed, the only option was a lumbar fusion at L5-S1. He opted for a stem cell treatment which regenerated his disc and he has been pain free ever since.  

Ryan Dregalla, PhD 

R&D Laboratory